Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Musical Meltdown

Oh Etsy. I have such a love/hate relationship with you. I mean, on one hand, I love you - I can find anything I need from you. If I want jewelry in the shape food or some other random object, say a donkey or carrot, you bet I'll find it on Etsy. If I want a catchy phrase in a snazzy print, I know someone out there has made it and is selling it (currently it was "I love you from my head tomatoes" that I wanted for our kitchen and you bet I found it!). And if I am on the hunt for vintage, there will be vintage a-plenty.

So I love you, Etsy, for having just every damn thing I will ever randomly think of wanting. But I hate you so much for having just every damn thing I will ever randomly think of wanting.

Has anyone else experienced this love/hate with Etsy?

I stumbled upon this fun vintage dress sold by Pitzicat Vintage (run by the oh so kind Ildi) one night when Cody was hogging the TV (he loves his Xbox) and I fell in vintage love. First it was the bright yellow color that caught my eye but then I spotted all the musical instruments. Drums, guitars, musical notes, tubas, and keyboards!? Amazing! It's a cacophony of musical awesomeness - and it had to be mine.

I can blame the impulse buy on the weather (cause seriously, it has been insanely hot and humid here for the past few weeks and I am slowly but surely melting away) but we all know that's not true.

If I start blaming my vintage splurges on the weather, what kind of monster would I be?

Can we jump back for a second to the weather? Like, SERIOUSLY, New England? Time to calm your jets. I get it, it's August, but this 90 degrees with insane humidity has got to STAWP! I am dying - DYING!!

Cody and I have mastered our AC procedure (we literally have nailed a blanket in our kitchen doorway to contain all wonderfully chilled air into our dining room/living room/bedroom side of the house) but we are getting kinda sick of breaking out in a full body sweat if we dare go to the bathroom or get a drink from the fridge.


How do you people who live in hot parts of the country do it? Oh wait, that's right, you don't deal with humidity like we do. I remember being in Vegas and feeling GREAT. Sure it was 90 degrees but it was so nice! A breeze was in the air and oh yeah, the air DIDN'T STICK TO ME LIKE A MIST OF HEAT.


Well, we're doing what we can. I am currently counting down the end of the summer until Fall gets here. I mean, I have been enjoying dress weather - nothing is better than pulling on a dress and walking out the door and I'm not looking forward to layers again - but this endless heat has me daydreaming about pumpkin EVERYTHING and crunchy leaves under my boots. OH YASSS.

Until that happens, can I just live in a bathtub full of ice cream?

How have you all been doing this summer? Any fellow New Englanders feeling the heat? Or are you loving the summer elsewhere?


  1. That print is so awesome!! I love Etsy because it's easy to find things that fit you and your style. So bad on the wallet though haha

  2. I like Etsy also, and I love your dress!

  3. What a gorgeous dress and print! You look great :-)

  4. So so cute! I'm glad you found your dream dress :)

  5. I had all these plans to shoot a bunch of photos and catch up on my blog reading while on vacation last week, but your right, this damn freaking heat just kills all plans of being productive. You do look super cute though, so I hope that helps!
    Xo Amanda | Sans Scrubs

  6. You look wonderful in the dress. It fits you perfectly!
    Please come back to Pitzicat Vintage for more vintage fashion!

  7. The print and color of that dress is SO FANTASTIC! I totally have a love/hate relationship with Etsy. It's fortunate that most things I find are too expensive for my budget, or I would rack up QUITE the bill buying things!

    I haven't been liking the heat here in Washington, but we're not used to summers that actually get up to 90 so... yeah. It's not really that much to complain about since our air still stays relatively clear and not too sticky! I lived in Mississippi for a few months, and after living there in the middle of summer, I will NEVER complain about mugginess in Washington because it's not even comparable!

    I hope the sticky muggy goes away for you soon!

  8. I don't let myself browse Etsy - it's so dangerous! And once I do start looking for something on there I then spend HOURS going through the hundreds of similar things trying to make my mind up what I want to buy and doing so in the space of a day because if it's vintage it might not be there next week! Cute dress though ;)

    And I'd take the excessive heat, I can't stand our constant coldness and drizzle in the midst of 'summer' in England right now!

  9. Love that print!


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