Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Musical Meltdown

Oh Etsy. I have such a love/hate relationship with you. I mean, on one hand, I love you - I can find anything I need from you. If I want jewelry in the shape food or some other random object, say a donkey or carrot, you bet I'll find it on Etsy. If I want a catchy phrase in a snazzy print, I know someone out there has made it and is selling it (currently it was "I love you from my head tomatoes" that I wanted for our kitchen and you bet I found it!). And if I am on the hunt for vintage, there will be vintage a-plenty.

So I love you, Etsy, for having just every damn thing I will ever randomly think of wanting. But I hate you so much for having just every damn thing I will ever randomly think of wanting.

Has anyone else experienced this love/hate with Etsy?

I stumbled upon this fun vintage dress sold by Pitzicat Vintage (run by the oh so kind Ildi) one night when Cody was hogging the TV (he loves his Xbox) and I fell in vintage love. First it was the bright yellow color that caught my eye but then I spotted all the musical instruments. Drums, guitars, musical notes, tubas, and keyboards!? Amazing! It's a cacophony of musical awesomeness - and it had to be mine.

I can blame the impulse buy on the weather (cause seriously, it has been insanely hot and humid here for the past few weeks and I am slowly but surely melting away) but we all know that's not true.

If I start blaming my vintage splurges on the weather, what kind of monster would I be?

Can we jump back for a second to the weather? Like, SERIOUSLY, New England? Time to calm your jets. I get it, it's August, but this 90 degrees with insane humidity has got to STAWP! I am dying - DYING!!

Cody and I have mastered our AC procedure (we literally have nailed a blanket in our kitchen doorway to contain all wonderfully chilled air into our dining room/living room/bedroom side of the house) but we are getting kinda sick of breaking out in a full body sweat if we dare go to the bathroom or get a drink from the fridge.


How do you people who live in hot parts of the country do it? Oh wait, that's right, you don't deal with humidity like we do. I remember being in Vegas and feeling GREAT. Sure it was 90 degrees but it was so nice! A breeze was in the air and oh yeah, the air DIDN'T STICK TO ME LIKE A MIST OF HEAT.


Well, we're doing what we can. I am currently counting down the end of the summer until Fall gets here. I mean, I have been enjoying dress weather - nothing is better than pulling on a dress and walking out the door and I'm not looking forward to layers again - but this endless heat has me daydreaming about pumpkin EVERYTHING and crunchy leaves under my boots. OH YASSS.

Until that happens, can I just live in a bathtub full of ice cream?

How have you all been doing this summer? Any fellow New Englanders feeling the heat? Or are you loving the summer elsewhere?