Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Berry Laid Back Weekend Outfit

Well last week clearly had a pie theme and it appears this week is all about strawberries! I wish I could say I planned it, I really do.

A couple weekends ago, I was blessed with an empty day. Lately, a day with no plans is rare. I don't know how it happens since I'm not a very social person, but things just book up and typically, we are pretty darn busy on weekends!

Originally, I did have a photo session booked on the Sunday I speak of but when the weather looked iffy, we moved it to that Saturday morning, making my Sunday void of commitments. WHAT? What is that like?

I knew we lived only 15 minutes from yet another popular spot in Mass, the Grafton Flea Market, and have always wanted to check it out. I decided to do just that on my suddenly free Sunday. So I threw on this adorable and comfy vintage strawberry skirt for the adventure. Much to my surprise, Cody was down as well. So we made a day of it and grabbed lunch at a small pizza joint after.

Grafton Flea is NOTHING like the Brimfield Show flea market I shared a couple weeks ago, but I had been there ages ago when I was young (and I scored a rotating disco ball so obviously, it was bound to be good!) so I was curious to see how it was now, years later.

Before I dive into the Grafton Flea, let's go back to this skirt. I actually scored this skirt at Brimfield! It's a bit longer than I would like but I don't want to hem it and risk losing the adorable detail on the bottom. I tried rolling the waistband but yeah...that didn't work out so well.

This skirt has pockets, which always makes a purchase worth it in my book, and only cost me $20! Brimfield, you're awesome. I don't always go for anything denim (besides a jacket, of course!) but with the cute little strawberries dancing along the bottom, the denim just kinda fits!

In the end, the Grafton Flea market was kinda disappointing. There were hardly any outdoor vendors there when usually it's packed. I think it's partly due to the forecast (we were supposed to have a pretty stormy day that cleared up earlier than expected) but also because it's a popular vacation month (July, you suck).  I would hate to think it's just lost its magic, but I guess we'll see. I may go back in the fall to see how it differs.

It wasn't a total bust. I stumbled upon the sweetest old man who had a big stall full of records. He is kind of known at the Grafton Flea so I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking for him. While I decided on my final 7 consisting of Billy Joel (of course), Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and Sonny & Cher (I had to stop before I got myself into trouble), he started rambling on about Stevie Nicks and warned me about a solo record of hers that was just so hard to find.

He said if I were to find it, I should snag it because if he couldn't track it down, no one could! He was adorable. He gave me a great deal ($20 for 7 = ~$2.85 each!) and wished me luck in finding the rare Stevie record.

My visit with him made the trip totally worth it.

After we gave up on the rest of the vendors, we found a cute pizza shop and had some lunch (a sub for Cody and a calzone for me) and then swung by our town farmer's market on our way home. I don't buy much usually (if I don't plan to go, I will usually buy all my produce at our grocery store when I go) but it's nice to see what the town has going on and what vendors are there.

What do you like to do when you have an unexpected free day? Do you like to hang out and enjoy doing nothing? Or do you find little adventures like we do?


  1. That skirt is so cute! And those shoes fit so well. Great outfit!
    x Angela //

  2. LOVE! This skirt is so adorable...such a great find! And the length looks really good, so don't even consider hemming it :)

    All of this talk about Brimfield on your blog is making me want to check it out! We don't head out to central Mass often (except for stART on the Street in Worcester!), but we might just have to take a drive over for the next show...

  3. This outfit is perfect for a day of thrift shopping. I love the skirt. It's such a great find, and I like the length on you. It's very feminine. :)

  4. I don't notice the length of this skirt at all - it looks great on you! You paired it so well with your top and shoes. Sounds like a great day, and I would totally love to meet that record man!

  5. I'm so in love with this outfit! The skirt is super cute and I love how you've styled it. You are such a babe!
    As for free days, I the introverted person that I am, usually want to spend them alone doing nothing. Hahaha! But it sounded like you had quite a nice little adventure!
    Much love

  6. Strawberry delight! And I meant it when I said I want to go to this flea market next year, despite it not being too successful for you this year. You did score some great things though, so yay you!
    Xo Amanda | Sans Scrubs