Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My Matryoshka Doll

I needed this dress in my life pretty much the moment I spotted it. I had a Russian nesting doll growing up and I wish I had taken better care of it so I'd still have it today. So, I figured it'd be most appropriate to snap some photos in my parents' back yard, where I did my growing up! They have a much bigger property than I do and there are so many great photo spots! It was photo taking nirvana!

We called the nesting dolls Matryoshka dolls in my house and the littler version of me struggled to say it correctly, instead calling it my Mamooshka doll.

This actually might be another name for it, though, as the nesting dolls come up when I google my younger self's pronunciation of it. That or a lot of kids spelled and said it wrong. I imagine it's easy to do that, though!

Oh Russian words...

I purchased this dress from Love Ur Look, a shop in the UK that actually stands for good in this world and only uses ethically sourced fabrics and the like.

Awesome ethics aside, the owner and designer is pretty dang great. I had emailed Love Ur Look after debating whether or not I ordered the right size and was surprised hear directly from Ronke, the owner, herself! She was super sweet and allowed me to change my order as I definitely chose too large.

The dress arrived super speedy (love finding a shop overseas with fast international shipping!) and I immediately went back to being a smaller Sara, somehow playing with my nesting doll while playing with my Barbies. I don't know, I was a weird kid.  I really wish I still had mine! The Russian doll AND my Barbies, of course. Boy, did we have quite the collection!

I am super happy I opted to size down, the dress is roomy and soft and comfy. I might have been able to size it down even farther but it's OK, the dress is the opposite of constrictive and that means I will be one comfortable gal while looking adorably fabulous!

I even got my mom to pose with me! =)

I will, no doubt, get my wear of this throughout the summer. It's perfect for the humidity we get here all summer long. The bright colors rock, too - don't you love the teal buttons and trim on the bottom? Gah, I adore a dress with precious details!!