Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bright & Sunny Summertime Florals (with Some Old School Memories)!

Oh my Lord & Taylor, it's June.

I know I've already said that this week, but it's just insane to me. I suppose, though, that we've been saying that every month since 2015 started. This year has been going by insanely fast, don't you think?

Isn't this dress PERFECT for summer? I thought so - it's so bright, cheery, and covered in flowers.

Knock, knock! Yes, summer, come on in!

June and the start of summer brings back so many memories and feels. I think everyone has strong memories in June. For me, and maybe for you, it throws me right back to the end of school. All the way from being a kid to college.

Oh man, the memories kind of make me want to go back to those days - hold the phone - I graduated college 5 years ago and high school 9 years ago? Insanity! 

I remember it getting warmer as we crept closer and closer to the last day of school. The class rooms would get ridiculously hot (because apparently they are only prepared to heat us during the winter but not keep us cool in the warmer weather), everyone would start getting a little loopy and not stay quiet in class, and the official countdown to vacation would begin.

College was a bit different but the same applied in many ways! The buildings would get too hot (oh God, don't remind me of  the buildings built so long ago that they were essentially big ovens), my dorm room would be nice and stuffy (since I could only fit a teeny tiny fan in there and the windows never opened wide enough), I'd stare out the window at all the other students "studying" between classes on the grass, etc. Then I'd figure out my final exam schedule and if I could get outta dodge before move out day, I was psyched. Then I just had to figure out how to pack up my entire dorm room and get it all down to my parents' car with just one trip. Ugh...

On second thought, let's not go back.

Let's stay right in the present where I don't have to worry about packing my life up every year (seriously - why can't colleges let you pick a room for all 4 years and let you keep stuff there over summer?) and can enjoy the welcome to summer in bright, colorful, flower covered dresses like this one!

I once thought it'd be weird to no longer have the routine of the school year and summer break but it didn't take long for me to love it. August and June no longer have significance in many ways - besides changing wardrobes, of course - and I wondered if I'd miss having time to breathe and do all kinds of fun stuff. It's no biggie in the end, though, I've gotten used to that element of adult life.

Besides, there's always vacation time to take whenever I want. That's a bonus, right?