Thursday, May 7, 2015

Treasures from Bubbie's Basement - Part 2

Last week I shared the kickass dining room set pulled from the depths of my Bubbie's basement. They were grimy, covered in dust, and had some cobwebs about them, but they were beauties to me! Have been ever since I was a little girl.

They spent multiple days in our sun room in their dusty glory, waiting for their clean up. Well, they got it! And this past Friday, I worked from home as I normally do and happily plunked myself down at the head of my new table.

Sure, there's still some age on them that just isn't removable, but they are magnificent now! They are back to life and are now in their final resting place - my dining room!


Cody still has some warming up to do (he is so against the bright orange chairs) but I think over time, he will fall in love with them like I did back when my feet couldn't touch the ground while sitting on them.

It feels so great to have a piece of my family's history. My mom sat at this table when she was the age I am now - she may have even done homework at this table at some point in time. My grandparents hosted many a Seder at this table and my sisters and I spent hours drawing on the abundance of notepads they had while kicking at the legs of the chairs.

Now, they are here. Now, they are in my dining room and will be where my guests sit at dinner parties to come and where Cody and I will talk after a long day over our supper.

I love that. I love that so much.

I enjoy having pieces of my Bubbie and Zaydie in my home. My Zaydie passed away a little over two years ago. I am aware that my Bubbie is getting older and someday in the future she will also pass. When that time comes, a piece of them will still remain with me forever and I will think of them every time I settle down in one of my beloved orange chairs.