Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pickle Me This...

Guys! I got to visit the Tatyana Boutique last week while in Vegas for EMC World! It was sort of a big deal since it wasn't something that was sure to happen. Since I was working 90% of the trip, I didn't get to visit all the places I wanted to but I had written down spots to find if I had the chance and high on that list was the Tatyana Boutique.

I found out there was one in Vegas only recently while following Miss Victory Violet's adventures around the globe the past few weeks. She shopped there while in Vegas and upon seeing her Instagram snapshots, I added it to my list.

We wound up getting tickets to a show in the V Theater on our last night there - the theater in Planet Hollywood, where the Tatyana Boutique was! We had a packed day so I didn't get to shop until after the show but luckily, the show ended just before 10, letting me hunt down the shop.

When it came into view, it was like finding God. OK, so I may be exaggerating a bit. Still, it was very exciting. Especially since shops like the Tatyana Boutique don't really exist where I live. It's just not the right scene, I guess.

I happily ran inside and allowed myself to buy whatever I found that fit me - something I don't really ever let myself do. Still, how could I limit myself at a time like this? It was a special occasion, an occurrence not likely to happen again anytime soon, and I was on vacation.

After finding every excuse in the books, I explored while Cody amused himself at the bar nearby. He knew not to even bother following me around in the shop!

I left with two dresses and a belt and was practically skipping out the door. Here, I am wearing a dress the Tatyana Boutique calls "My Jam." This dress baffles me. You'd think a dress called "My Jam" would be covered in jam jars, right? Well, I hate to burst your bubble but jam jars they are not! They are most definitely pickles and that cracks me up.

Take a look for yourself. What's your vote? Jams or pickles?

The Tatyana Boutique seems to run a bit large and I am not opposed! I fit into the smalls easy-peasy (I am usually a medium in most dresses these days). That was a nice discovery - definitely helped increase my already happy mood.

This dress has some stretch and is super comfortable. I also like that it's shortsleeve and has double buttons all the way down the front of the dress. I have been getting so tired of dealing with unruly zippers lately!

I also don't have much pink - I know, weird, right? - so this is a nice change of color palette for me. It's just fun all around! I approve!

It was so fun getting to shop in person at a store full of my kind of clothes as opposed to online shopping like I usually do. I was worried I'd never fit my new finds in my suitcase but they just fit.

See? It was meant to be!