Thursday, April 9, 2015

1 Dress, 3 Ways: the Amazing Little Black Dress!

The Little Black Dress (aka LBD) is famously known as the staple in every woman's closet. It's well known for a reason - a great LBD is a secret weapon. Us gals are unstoppable in our Little Black Dresses.

I thought it'd be fun to take my LBD for a spin to see just how versatile it can be. Can it be formal? Can it be fun? Can it be casual? Can it be all of the above and then some?

The answer my friends? YES!

If you've got a LBD, you can never say you have nothing to wear. You can do so much with it - from belts to sweaters to accessories to blouses and more. Trust me.

Here are three ways I styled my Little Black Dress - 1 dress, 3 ways!

1. A Little Bit Fancy

Nothing helps a gal feel good on a fancy night out like her LBD. Sure, you can actually throw on the dress and a pair of heels and be good to go. It's reliable like that. Or you can accessorize with a bold color or all kinds of glittery goodness.

2. A Little Bit Fun

A Little Black Dress? Fun? Not by itself! There are endless ways to liven up a LBD. Take any color of the rainbow! Everything matches black! I love a good pop of red but this Bea & Dot sweater from ModCloth with the watermelon collar makes this outfit that much more fun! If a watermelon isn't fun, I don't know what is!

3. A Little Bit Business Casual

There's nowhere a LBD fits in more than in the office. Who says you can't add some color and personal touches to it first, though? Just because you're off to work doesn't mean you have to hide your personality. Your Little Black Dress is the perfect way to express yourself! Throw a pretty blouse underneath the dress or add a vintage brooch. Sometimes it's the little details that truly make an outfit.

Happy styling!