Monday, March 23, 2015

There Are Kitties Loose in the Library!

I first spotted this "Fun For the Books" skirt on ModCloth when it was still a "coming soon" item. Well, you know I immediately clicked that adorable red heart beside it and requested to be notified when it was in stock.

At first, I debated getting it. I mean, I already had a skirt covered in cats and I had a skirt covered in books. Wouldn't getting this skirt covered in library loving kitties be a bit redundant?

Then I bitch slapped myself a la Cher in Moonstuck and leapt the moment ModCloth emailed me.

How can I even CONSIDER leaving it alone? It's a skirt covered in books and cats!

Those are TWO of my favorite things! On ONE skirt!

Luckily, I had a 15% off coupon I had been hoarding so that helped the cause. The book-lovin' kitties would be mine!

The skirt made me laugh when I opened it and I laughed again when I pulled it on this morning. Some of these little furballs are just hilarious among the piles of books. Not to mention the concept is a bit silly - who let all these kitties free in this library? Why welcome such chaos? Who is responsible??

Oh whatever, they are adorable. And with that, I accept my fate as a crazy cat lady surrounded by stacks and stacks of books. You know what? That kind of sounds like heaven...