Monday, March 16, 2015

Pass Me a Spoon: Another Munster Madness Skirt!

A few weeks back - correction - back in February (um is it weird to anyone else that early February is over a month ago??), I shared my awesome custom book themed skirt from MunsterMadness. Well, I loved it so much I immediately contacted the gal behind the scenes, Anna, about a second skirt.

Yes, please! More skirts!

You can't have too many skirts.

I knew immediately which skirt I wanted next. I spotted her ice cream sundae fabric and couldn't believe my eyes. It is extremely similar - if not the exact same - fabric as my dream Bernie Dexter dress. I have admired this Bernie for ages but I can't really afford a Bernie unless it's off eBay or on super sale. Now was my chance to have my own version - in skirt form!

With the frigid cold warming up a bit, I am definitely thinking Spring. Warmer weather means we're that much closer to eating ice cream for dinner, right? Oh heck, I ate ice cream for dinner just last week, but you know what I mean. I want more sunshine, dammit!

I kind of like that I have this print in a skirt vs the actual Bernie dress. I can mix it up with all kinds of tops and I can tell it will easily transition from season to season. It's also kind of fun knowing that this skirt was made for me and no one else - well, besides Anna's other customers, that is!

Eat your heart out Bernie! Anna's gonna give you a run for your money!