Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What's Sara Reading? February Edition

Here we go, kids, another edition of What's Sara Reading? How have you been? Reading anything good? I would love to hear from some of my fellow readers. Add to my list! What did you eat up this past month?

I definitely had the time to flip some pages with all the snow we've been getting. It amuses me when my fellow New Englanders start bitching about the winter and how they're "over it."

Um...what? It just started! We lucked out with a mellow November and December. As far as I'm concerned, winter has now begun and we've got a long way to go. So to be "over it" already just doesn't make any sense. Get used to it and open up a new book! I sense some storms ahead!

Luckily, Cody and I made a very adult decision recently to go ahead and invest in a snow blower. It stung a bit financially but we definitely feel like big kids now! Of course, we had to suffer through 2 storms before we were able to bring our new baby home (the store was behind on orders - no surprise there!) but hey, better late than never. Never again will I shovel through a driveway of 3 feet of snow! Yahoo!

Plus, I think deep down Cody is excited to use the snow blower. It does kind of look fun...but I think I'll leave it to him.

Okay, snowmageddon aside - let's get to the good stuff. To the books! 

1. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion
Ohhh The Rosie Project. This one was different than my usual style. Following socially challenged nerd, Don, as he produces what he believes will find him the perfect wife without much effort on his part, The Rosie Project was a pretty easy and fun read. Don, the genius that he is with data and research, creates a survey for women to fill out to find him the perfect match. He calls it the Wife Project and believes he has it all together - until feisty Rosie continuously stirs things up. I enjoyed this book but I do have to say,  the entire time, I kept picturing Don as Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. He was extremely similar to him and, at first, it was a bit annoying. It didn't continue that way, thankfully, as I grew to like Don, but at first, I got concerned that Big Bang deserved some credit on the cover! I've got the sequel already on deck so keep a look out for the next What's Sara Reading? to hear how I liked it!

2. Yes Please by Amy Poehler
I loved, loved, LOVED Yes Please. I knew I would. Amy Poehler is one of my heroes but you never know. A lot of famous people think they can write a book but writing isn't something everyone can just do. Amy, thankfully, CAN and she rocked it. The book was huge and heavy as all hell so carrying it in my purse was not an option. It didn't matter. I thoroughly enjoyed it at home while Cody played his video games. The book reminded me of Mary Poppins' bag. Every time I thought I was nearing the sad, sad end, there'd be another chapter. Score! Like in all her shows, skits, and movies, Amy's humor was spot on and I had so much fun laughing my way through the pages, learning about her start in the comedy world, how she met those close to her, and how she saw the world.

3. Us by David Nicholls
Nicholls novel follows Douglas, his wife Connie, and their son, Albie, as they embark in a European vacation for one final attempt at saving their relationships: Connie wants to leave Douglas when Albie goes to college, Douglas has always struggled to connect with Albie, and Albie just doesn't want to give his parents' the time of day. Things go south quick and Albie takes off to see Europe without his parents. Douglas takes it upon himself to chase Albie, deciding he was going to do whatever it takes to find his son, apologize for their past, and make things right. Throughout the hunt, we are taken back to learn all about this family's past - starting with how Douglas met Connie, the daughter they lost soon after birth, and just how abrasive and critical Douglas has been with Albie. It becomes such a deep and emotional ride as Douglas moves from country to country to reunite with his son, all the while hoping that upon their return, his wife isn't packing up her things to leave him forever.

4. No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July
If you don't know Miranda July, then get crack-a-lacking. She's a hidden gem. Quirky, unique, and sometimes just a bit odd, Miranda has a writing style that is only hers. She directs, produces, and stars in movies as well (The Future, told in the POV of a pet cat as well as the popular You, Me, and Everyone We Know). The girl is magical. No One Belongs Here More Than You is a collection of short stories. I typically stay away from short story collections (I prefer to dive deep with a novel), but I wanted to give Miranda's stories a shot. I enjoyed them all! I enjoyed meeting each character in their worlds and experiencing a piece of their lives through Miranda's eyes.