Saturday, February 14, 2015

Let Me Sing You the Song of My People!

I have always loved Valentine's Day. Even when I was a single gal, I loved the holiday. I'll take any excuse to buy people gifts (hence why I love love love Christmas) and Valentine's Day is even sweeter because it's focused around those you love and ensuring you shower them with said love a little more than usual for one day. 

Some people crap on Valentine's Day with the whole "why only share love on one day when you can do it all year round?" and it's like, well, DUH, you should do that all year round but it's so much fun to get extra cheesy and lovey for one day. You can pick out a corny card, eat lots of chocolate, and give your special someone lots of kisses all day long. I like that.
This year, Cody and I decided to keep it low key - at first. All I wanted was dinner at our normal Valentine's Day spot (we've gone to The Chateau for the past 3 years) and perhaps some ice cream with TV before bed. 

Then Cody mentioned changing it up. 

WHAT? Change our routine? 

But then he suggested The Melting Pot, a fancy fondue restaurant, and I quickly got over my moment of panic. Who am I to stop a man from treating me to The Melting Pot? So that is what we plan to do tonight. We got the last available reservation so no matter how much snow is falling, we will get there and enjoy ourselves! 

I decided tonight would be the best time to break out my most recent ModCloth purchase, the Floats Your Note skirt. I snagged it during one of their one day 40% off new arrival sales without hesitation. I saw the fabric covered in music notes and G clefs and was a goner. 

It brought me back to my high school days when I was in an A Cappella choir (if you want to see us in action and hear how awesome we were, check us out performing at my high school graduation. By the way, I am the second from the left). 

I also entered every single talent show and performed whenever I got a chance (if you want to see me do my thing, this is a clip of my rendition of an Adele song in college in a cabaret we put on). I loved it. I was never afraid of a crowd and just loved being on stage. The choir I was in competed every year and we always went home with trophies. We seriously rocked!

I still love to sing. Though I no longer step onto the stage (more because there isn't one conveniently available to me like there was in school), the car and the shower tend to be wonderful venues for performances. 

I wish this skirt was around when I was still in high school. Then all the A Cappella girls could have bought one for themselves and we would have had the most awesomely retro costumes in the world. 

Oh well! Instead, I'll just rock it now and reminisce of being on stage with my girls, kicking A Cappella ass!