Tuesday, February 24, 2015

If I Could Fly...

...I'd fly right out of this Polar Vortex New England seems to have become.  I thought I lived in Massachusetts, about 40 minutes outside of Boston, but these days, I think I got kidnapped or brainwashed and now live in the arctic.

But Sara, how did someone build a house just like yours and get duplicates of all your clothes, furniture, and other stuff? I know, crazy, right? But what other explanation is there for ALL THIS SNOW?

In case you live under a rock, for the past month (or more), New England has been hit with a weekly blizzard. No, not a weekly snow storm, snow squall, or snow shower - a weekly BLIZZARD. I'm talking a foot or more every week. My yard is now taller than I am. Yup.

That is why the first thing I thought of when I pulled on my new skirt from Chicwish was how I wished I could fly like the birds on my skirt. I'd fly so far from here right now, you don't even know. Unless you live in New England, too, then you sure do know!

Because of the snow tunnel that is currently my driveway, I had little to work with when it came time to snap some photos. It was a sunny day, but my driveway was nearly dark as it is almost closed off to the sunlight completely by snow banks and piles. This made editing extremely tricky.

Oh well! Let's just say I was going for a frosty blue frozen feel to the photos, shall we?

Though not a lot on the Chichwish site appealed to me, this skirt popped off the screen. Because I hadn't ordered from there before, I held off but recently I saw that the skirt went on sale and had to pull the trigger. I'm glad I did! The skirt is soft but nice and thick. It'll hold up well in this crazy weather!

Most importantly, though, I love the flying bird detail on its own but these birds are made of sheet music?! Be still, my heart!

How awesome is this print? It makes me think of Spring...wait, what's Spring? I think I know what that word is but it doesn't sound right on my lips. S-s-s-pring? I have a memory of sun and warmth and happiness but no...that can't be right.

So I am curious, what does your yard look like currently? Are you getting overpowered by piles and piles of snow like I am or are you free to frolic in the grass? For those of you basking in warm sunlight, just you wait. The moment I am able to fly...I am coming for ya!