Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Adorable Wearable Library: Munster Madness Custom Skirts

I was first introduced to Munster Madness one morning during my blog reading coffee break (do you check out your favorite bloggers in a daily ritual like I do? No? Hmm...) when the Etsy shop was featured in a Junebugs & Georgia Peaches post (THIS one to be exact!). The gals at Junebugs were having a giveaway. Of course, I entered, but before the contest was over, I had ordered a skirt through Munster Madness on my own.


Because I couldn't RESIST, that's why!

Munster Madness is run by Anna. She creates these incredible swing skirts out of the most irresistibly adorable fabrics. The second I saw what was available to order, I couldn't stop my fingers from ordering. I mean, my fingers literally ordered the skirt on their own. I plead not-guilty!

When I got my skirt from Anna, it was love at first sight. As an avid reader, how could it NOT be? A skirt covered in books? Yes, please!

The fabric is amazing - the colors are just slightly muted and it gives it such a vintage feel. I like that - with the skirt being aqua, I didn't want it be so bright that it looked cartoon-y! Not that I have a problem with looking cartoon-y!

I am still in awe over the colors. Upon opening it, I thought of so many possible outfit ideas. I love that about colorful skirts. You can pair so much with them! I can't wait for the spring and summer to put this skirt to work - with the purple, gold, teal, burnt orange, I can put so many different tops with it! You might just get sick of seeing it!

The size is also perfecto! Anna makes them to order so you can ensure the fit will be comfy on the waist as well as the length be ideal to your height. I love that! It takes away that stress of guessing your size and worrying about having to return it. Nothing is better than a custom made skirt.

I held back and only ordered the one skirt for now, but I already have two more in my Etsy favorites. I am sure I will be ordering them soon! I mean, a skirt covered in PIZZA? Are you freakin' kidding me? Anna, we might as well start a tab in my name because I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Here are the two fabrics on my MunsterMadness wishlist:

So you see why I am losing my mind over here, right? The sundae fabric looks similar (if not exact) to the fabric Bernie Dexter uses on her sundae dresses - and I can afford those puppies in my dreams. In my mind, getting the sundae print in a custom skirt is a deliciously wonderful alternative to the pricey Bernie! As for the pizza print, it really speaks for itself. Who WOULDN'T want a pizza skirt?