Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lots of Love for Lindy Bop

I've started to really - really - love Lindy Bop.

No, duh, right?

Just hear me out. My first purchase from Lindy Bop was back in July of 2014. I bought (what I hope is) my first of many Ophelia dresses. I debated between so many versions (because, in case you do not know, Lindy Bop releases multiple pattern/color options for almost all their dress styles - making to so hard to pick one!) but decided on the popular teal version that I had been drooling over whenever I saw another sassy sister wearing it on Instagram.

I was so happy with my Ophelia dress. The material is super stretchy (hooray for stretch!) and I can tell it's good quality fabric. Ir's thicker than most of my dresses, which I like to see. Because of how incredible the Ophelia dress was, I didn't hesitate to order another around the holidays. It was a different style from Ophelia (a lovely frock called the Hetty) but it had just the same high quality. It was obvious to me then that the high quality material was not just an Ophelia thing, it is a Lindy Bop thing - and an awesome thing at that!

Lindy Bop's pricing also rocks. Granted, they're in the UK and I am in the US, so there's some conversion that has to happen as well over overseas shipping. Even after all that, though, they still have better prices than some of the more popular shops in the US that I love to browse but can never buy from. Splurging on a Lindy Bop dress hurts a lot less since I know I am getting a quality dress to boot!

Speaking of international shipping, you'd assume I'd have to wait super long for my pretties to arrive to me but that is NOT the case! I am surprised every time when my Lindy Bop package arrives to me within a week. ONE WEEK! That's a common turnaround time for domestic shipping these days. I never worry about shipping when I am ordering from Lindy Bop and I like that.

When I saw Lindy Bop was having a 20% end of the year sale, I indulged again and ordered three new dresses (YES! Three!). I got the Megan dress in blue, the Audrey in teal polka dots, and the Vivi in dark blue (again, the multiple print/color options make it so hard to pick just one!).

With the sale, the price for two dresses was the same as I'd pay for one dress normally (hence the leap for the third one - oops!). Lindy Bop has sales a lot - I love that! Nothing says "I love you" to customers more than a sale, in my opinion.

Not surprisingly, I am head over heels with my newest Lindy Bop dresses. The Megan is a bit different than my usual look but I like that. The neckline is super cute and the bodice is more flattering on my smaller chest than I expected! Ka-ching!

The Audrey is one I knew I'd love - I'm such a polka dot gal at heart and with the classic retro neckline and cut, how could I not feel good in it? The bold teal and black look great with tights (as it is styled here in the winter) but I know it will rock in the Spring and Summer too with a basic pair of flats or even a pair of wedges or heels.

I knew I loved Lindy Bop before (even when I was just admiring their dresses from afar, hesitant to pull the trigger with a shop overseas) but now I know I love Lindy Bop even more. I am officially a proud Lindy Bop customer! How can I not be? With their high quality fabrics, reliable sizing, multiple prints offered per style, awesome prices and sales aplenty, and super fast shipping, it's a no-brainer!

Lindy Bop is just lovely!

Have you purchased from Lindy Bop before? What's your favorite Lindy Bop dress - either from your closet or one you've been admiring? Hard to pick just one, huh? ;)