Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Beautifully Snowy Saturday

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Oh. Snap. Sorry, got confused for a second there. When I woke up to a winter wonderland, I just immediately assumed Christmas was around the corner. But no, it is not, it's just our first blizzard-y week this winter and it's nearly February. We've gotten a few snow days this winter but not enough, in my opinion.

Sure, waking up to snow on a work day sucks royally (who wants to clean their car off at 7am after working so hard to get into a dress/petticoat/tights combo?) but when it's a Saturday, the Living in a Snowglobe look just puts me in a happy mood.

I love winter because of days like the one we had this weekend. What did we care that 6 inches of snow had fallen while we slept? It was Saturday! Jazzercise class had been cancelled (not even kidding - I love Jazzercise!), we were absolutely OK with sleeping in after attending a birthday party the night before, and we didn't have any plans for the day.

Cody declared it was a video game day upon waking up, which for me meant blogging a bit, reading as much as I want, and eagerly looking out for the mailman to come trudging through the snow with a ModCloth box (damn ModCloth and their 40% off newest items!!).

Shortly after I got out of bed (around 10am), Cody got me outside to help him shovel. We argue about this every time it snows - I believe anything outside is his chore (garbage, recycling, shoveling...) and he denies it. Call me old fashioned, I guess. So outside we went and cleared the entire driveway. A couple things happened that reminded me why I stay inside on days like this.

First, Cody nailed me right in the eye with a snowball as I was cleaning off my car. He can be a jerk.

Then, I totally ate it in the road as I was trying to clear our mailbox (hoping to make the mailman's arrival easier for when he comes to deliver my ModCloth pretties, you know?) and landed almost nearly horizontally. Forget falling on my bum, I pretty much fell on my entire side. Ouch.

But then Cody helped me make a snow lady and that made everything better. We even had some carrots! I really appreciate the classic snowman look but later that day I went back out and accessorized her a bit. You can't be a snow lady without some sass!

So we spent our snowy day not doing much and that was A-OK with us. For dinner, we made pizzas. I am totally a fan of frozen pizza and takeout pizza but I really love grabbing dough and all our favorite toppings at the store to make them ourselves even more. Cody gets to cover his with all kinds of meat (typical man) while I'm more of the veggie type . I really couldn't ask for a better dinner plan for a snowy day!

Cody's pizza: ham, sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, and onions

My pizza: tomato slices, onions, and lots of mushrooms

If you live somewhere snowy, what did you accomplish on Saturday? Better yet, what do you hope ot accomplish this week as more and more snow comes our way?

I hope it's absolutely nothing and you get to enjoy the snow day like you did when you were a kid. I know I did...this past weekend anyway!