Monday, December 22, 2014

Purple Power!

What else could make me feel better when stuck with a never ending cough and stuffy nose but a beautiful new (to me) vintage dress? NOTHING else, that's what!

I got stuck with what people apparently call Travel Flu a couple weeks back. I traveled to Las Vegas (again, I know!) the first week of December for a conference EMC had a booth sponsorship with and upon my return got very sick! It was no fun! I had to cancel some of my holiday festivities and zombie'd my way through the others.

After being home sick for 2 1/2 days, wasting a perfectly good weekend on the couch with my tissues and chicken soup, and feeling oh-so-gross without being to the gym or yoga in 2 weeks (1 week due to traveling, 2nd due to sickness - yay!), I started to feel better.

I made it back into the office the following Monday and knew just what to wear to make me feel back to my normal self - my latest purchase from Capsule Vintage!

This one has a story for me. A frustrating story, but a story nonetheless. I originally bought it in early November and knew it'd be my dress for Friendsgiving. Well, the day came and I happily went to pull on my new beauty only to be saddened.

Somehow, after it's journey across the country to me, the zipper decided to stop obeying orders. It was stuck and would not move from its spot! I sat there, in near tears, trying to gently coax the zipper down so I could put on my new beautiful dress. It would NOT budge.

I cried out for Cody's help and sat there, panicking, as he tried as well. Nothing. I gave it one more gentle shot and that was when the zipper came off half of the track entirely.


I nearly cried my eyes out. Cody told me to relax, put the dress aside, wear something else, and we'd get a new zipper put on soon. Wear something ELSE? LIKE WHAT? Okay, by then I was over-reacting since I have PLENTY of dresses to choose from. But I was just so upset! Do you get upset when that happens? I do. I hate when things don't go according to plan or my plans get ruined. I wanted to wear THAT dress and that dress only!

Sonja from Capsule Vintage, the angel that she is, also came to my aid and assured me that all hope was NOT lost and I could probably find a fairly cheap repair (yes, I emailed her in my distress!). It's adorable that she doubles as a girlfriend when she has to. She can quickly put the sales gal in her aside and simply be there for her more...sensitive...clients.

Needless to say, I did get the zipper fixed. I went to the same spot I get all my hems and tweaks done and they fixed it up for me without a hitch. They even managed to get a lavender zipper to match! I thought that was a sweet touch.

Now the dress is back to being as rocking as ever and I am happy to be rocking it to work.

Mondays suck, being sick sucks, but wearing an amazing new dress NEVER sucks!

Sigh. All is well in the world again.