Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our First Christmas Tree

Although this will be Cody's and my 4th Christmas together, it is our 1st holiday season living together. Shit, that seems crazy to think! 4 Christmas seasons? Holy Moses. I know that is small potatoes to some but that feels like such a long time!

Since moving in together this fall, one of the things I was super excited about was getting a Christmas tree and getting to decorate it with our own ornaments and memories. Other than my family trees growing up, I have never actually gotten a Christmas tree for myself. I've always either lived in too tiny of an apartment or been so busy that it seemed pointless to invest in a tree and ornaments. It is also the first for Cody. So we have been pretty excited about it (not so much about the whopping Target charge after we picked out a bunch of ornaments, garland, stockings, and decoration though!).

I wish I had thought to gather ornaments everywhere we went in the past year but since moving in together wasn't a solid plan yet, I didn't want to get ahead of myself. We'll just have to start collecting from here on out!

We actually bought our first Christmas tree just after Halloween. No, don't worry, we don't have multiple trees up. I'll get to why I say it was our first tree momentarily.

We had ventured to Home Depot to get new light bulbs for some of our light fixtures and when I saw all the trees set up, my eyes lit up. IT WAS HAPPENING! CHRISTMAS HAD ARRIVED!

"You want to get the tree now, don't you?" Cody asked, following my gaze to all the lit up trees.

Did he really need to ask me, though? Really?

So we did! But I was warned that it would remain in the garage until after Thanksgiving.


Well, I finally got to drag our tree in post Turkey Day only to realize we must have been smoking crack at Home Depot because we bought a GINORMOUS tree. What were we thinking buying a 7.5 foot whopper when we live in such an old house with low ceilings? Luckily, we were able to exchange it for a shorter tree later that day. Phew! Though only a foot shorter, 6.5 feet is MUCH more realistic and the tree fits PERFECTLY - even with a star on top!

Some of my friends are surprised that I, of all people, didn't cut down a real live tree and make a whole spectacle of it. Yes, I do love finding a real tree to cut down and having that fresh pine smell in my house, but to me, having a fake, pre-lit, tree just seems easier all around. I am all for easier! So fake tree it is and probably always will be!

Originally, I was begging to have the tree and decorations up by December 1st. In my house growing up, we always had it up by Black Friday so I thought December 1st was a good compromise. Cody didn't seem too happy about that (he can be a real Grinch!).

When I found out I was needed to travel the week of the 1st for an EMC sponsored event (in Vegas, no less!), I told Cody we could wait and put the tree up on December 6th. Why put it up only to leave for a week anyway?

I think seeing everyone getting their trees after Thanksgiving, though, put my little Grinch in the holiday spirit because on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, two days earlier than my original asking date, Cody looked up from his video game and said, "OK Sara. We can put the tree up."

HOORAY! I was on my feet faster than you could say "cotton-headed ninny muggins!"

By the end of Thanksgiving weekend not only did we have our tree up and decorated, lights wrapped around our living room entryway pillars, wreath up outside our door, and our stockings hung on the mantle piece (including a stocking for Red and Andrew and 2 little stockings for Steve and Clarence!), we got most of our gifts wrapped and under the tree.

Now I am eager to get to Vegas this week so I can buy an ornament to represent our trip back in May! Yes! I can make up for not getting one originally! No one has to know!

Needless to say, we are SO READY for the holiday season to begin!

Are you ready? Do you have your tree up yet?