Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Want to Work for QVC: Gourmet Holiday

Have you guys ever watched an episode of Gourmet Holiday on the QVC? Now, I know QVC is known for their corny fashion shows catered to the stay-at-home moms and housewives of the world but have you ever tuned into the food side of QVC?

Well, I have.

I'm hooked.

Many a night this holiday season, Cody has come home to find me watching Gourmet Holiday. He just looks at the TV then back at me and asks, "Really, Sara? Really?"

I can't help it, you guys! I flip through the channels, pause when I see food, and suddenly I am sucked in! Even more so, I want their job.

These people get to stand there and TALK about food, SHOW the food, DISPLAY the food, and EAT the food. They spend time with the food, touch the food, break the food apart to show the texture to the camera, and more all in the name of selling this delicious food. OK, that was a bit over the top, but you catch my drift.

You're probably thinking, daaaaaaamn Sara, you're a bit obsessed with food. Yeah, I probably am. I am obsessed with two things in life: dresses and food. I am not ashamed!

So how can I apply? I mean, watching these hosts scoop out heaping spoonfuls of creamy mac and cheese, plop it all onto a plate, display it to the camera, and then take a bite is TORTURE! They're so lucky! I want some of that mac! Oh and now they're moving onto desserts. Ooooh hello, raspberry cheese pastries. Oh yeaaassss, dip that pastry into the bowl of raspberry sauce.

Oh lordie. This is food porn!

What have I become?

Oh well. There's no turning back now. I think a role on Gourmet Holiday is now my dream job. Screw this marketing thing! I have found my calling!

So seriously, where does one submit her resume for this gig?