Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Simoes Family Portraits in Providence, RI!

The Simoes and I have kind of a cute history. Well, I think so. I've know them for 4 years now. They're one of my only clients that I've known that long and have become close to. At this point, we are genuinely a part of each other's lives. Who would have thunk that two doctors from RI would keep little old photographer me around to watch their kids grow?

Let's back up and time travel back 4 years. Oh 2010. A lot has changed since you were around - A LOT. In that year, I worked for Portrait Simple, an amazing portrait studio. I am a self-taught photographer but I learned SO MUCH more working in this studio for the couple years I did. I met so many awesome photographers as well as families in my time there. I especially loved when I got to photograph the same families repeatedly. It was always fun seeing folks come back and even more fun seeing how their children were growing and changing.

One of the families I met at the studio was the Simoes family! Meera and John came in when their son, Oliver, was 3 months old for newborn portraits as well as holiday portraits. I remember meeting them so clearly. It was at night, I was closing the studio, and we had the place to ourselves. I loved working at night there. It was quieter, I could work by myself, and usually had the best sessions at night.

By the end of the night, we were all happy. They loved their first experience with our studio, we got some adorable shots of Oliver, and we put together a kick-ass greeting card. I sent them off with their photos and closed up for the night.

Fast forward to Valentine's Day. The Simoes family returned to the studio - and requested me as their photographer again! I was so excited! Not only to see how big Oliver had gotten but just to know that these people liked me and wanted to have me as their photographer again. Oliver and family returned and we got him set up with some cupid wings and scattered hearts all over. D'awwwww. It was a challenge to get Oliver to smile but he had the chubbiest cheeks so it didn't matter. Chubby baby cheeks > smiles any day!

Fast forward again to the fall. The Simoes called again for Oliver's first birthday and they wanted to work with me once more! I was elated! They came back, cake in hand, and we had a ball for Oliver's cake smash birthday shoot.

When it came time for me to leave the studio, I made sure to leave the Simoes with my email address. I didn't want to lose touch but I knew it was likely to happen. Then, last year, I got an email from John! They had a new baby girl and wanted me to photograph her baptism! I was so happy to hear from them! The baptism was like a mini wedding (John's Portuguese, which translates to: big family - big party!) and it was an all-day event. I was POOPED afterward! It was as if I truly shot a wedding!

Lydia's baptism, last year!

All that being said, it should be no surprise to hear that they called me up recently for family photos. Done and done!

Oliver was, as usual, a challenge to get to smile, but it didn't surprise me! He didn't want to smile when he was 6 months old or 1 years old either - even with a cake all to himself!

Little Lydia is getting cuter and cuter by the day as well - she is now a big bad 1 year old with the most beautiful long eyelashes.

It's just been so awesome seeing this family grow. I hope they keep calling me and inviting me into their world because I've loved being in it so far!