Monday, November 3, 2014

Finding a Diamond in the Rough: My (Awesome) eBay Experiences

I've always heard about eBay and it's wonderful-ness but never really considered it...until recent. As I have gotten more and more addicted to finding awesome vintage and vintage-style frocks, I have also gotten more and more curious into venues of finding them. Etsy was one (and through there I have found so many cute shops, some of which I feature here on the blog!).

Well now eBay is just one of my stops in the online shopping world. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not going bid crazy on every little thing just for the thrill of it, but I have found that every so often, you can really find a gem on eBay. 

Let me tell you, I never thought I'd be the person sitting at her PC while the last minute of an auction counted down, upping my highest bid because SOMEONE is DARING enough to outbid me in the last 30 seconds. OH I DON'T THINK SO, SIR!

One of my biggest successes on eBay has been with one of my favorite designers, Bernie Dexter. While I adore so much about her - the fit of her dresses, the quality, the quirky styles, the retro vibe - the prices of these darling items give me an anxiety attack.

Sometimes she has a sale on her website but it's never for very much - although, I did manage to grab one of her last two Paris short-sleeve blouses for $25, which rocked my socks. 

Then I discovered something fantastic - Bernie has an eBay page! I danced, I sang, I frolicked in the prairie - then I started bidding.  Bernie rocks eBay. She puts up a handful of items at a time. They're usually either samples or the "last one" and she starts most bids at a measly $55! Usually, that is not where the end price stays but it's a fabulous start.

I have 4  Bernie items in my wardrobe now and 2 of them came from eBay. Score! If I hadn't gotten them there, I probably wouldn't have them at all! 

And let's be honest, when you get something for an awesome deal, it looks and feels even BETTER! Right? Don't lie. Admit it. 

One of my favorite Bernies - and the dress I fought for in those last 30 seconds!

Another way to track down great eBay finds is to search by your favorite online store or brand. I often search "ModCloth"  or "Anthropologie" and not only find actual ModCloth/Anthropologie items but items that sellers believe are similar to what you find on those sites. This is how to discovered a shop run by a gal, Brianna, who makes her own dresses to sell! She sells other things she finds as well, but I love seeing the different fabrics she fashions into awesome retro dresses as well. I know Brianna isn't the only one. I am always willing to support a dressmaker. If you made it, I know it's one of a kind and that is just awesome. 

A dress covered in baking items? And handmade? Score!

Lastly, you just never know what you'll find. One day, I stumbled upon an eBay shop that was selling this awesomely retro dress for just a measly $20. I couldn't believe it. I ordered it but was very skeptical - who knows what kind of quality it'd be when it arrived! When I got it, though, I was shocked. The dress ROCKS and definitely doesn't feel cheap or made of poor quality. Without a label or tag, I can only guess that it is either vintage or a kick-ass homemade item. It is still one of my best eBay finds. Either way, I will take paying $20 for a dress any day! 

The Incredible $20 Dress - not kidding!

So what are you waiting for? Get eBay-ing! But do NOT try to outbid me on a Bernie Dexter. I WILL WIN THAT FIGHT!!!!